On September 3, 2014, Saldivar Elementary School in Dallas, TX put energy into action!

Approximately 322 Saldivar Scientists in the 4th and 5th grades put energy into action as they performed hands-on, energy related investigations. Each student received a thermal pencil, which they quickly discovered changed color by generating thermal energy through friction when held or rubbed. They also received a science notebook to record data from their investigations that led them through the scientific process at several hands-on energy stations.

Volunteers from the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Energy Future Holdings brought science and math to life while assisting the students at the stations. As students rotated through the stations, they learned about various forms of energy including mechanical, sound, electrical, light, thermal, and chemical. Some of the investigations included making solar bead bracelets that change color with UV light from the sun, comparing wattage from incandescent and CFL light bulbs using a kill-a-watt meter, wiring circuit boards to light up flash light bulbs, and discovering what types of materials are attracted to a magnet.

The students were very engaged in the experiments as they learned about the science behind energy at the STEM event. Some statements heard from the young scientists ranged from, “This is neat, I love it”, to “This science is really fun”, and “I’m going to do this at home to show my mom”.

The NEED Project is proud to have partnered with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Energy Future Holdings portfolio of companies including Luminant and TXU Energy. It was fun for all and we look forward to this energizing STEM event again next year!