The NEED project is proud to partner with Switch Energy Project on bringing energy education to students, teachers, and the masses. This fantastic organization has many amazing video and curricular resources to supplement any energy program in the classroom! Check out this fantastic listing from Switch and stay tuned for more from Switch and NEED! 

The goals of the Switch Energy Project are energy education, awareness, and efficiency – and we’re pleased to offer many resources for educators! We’re delighted with the opportunity to partner with NEED as we continue to move forward and share energy education materials:

Switch, a documentary film:
– Free DVDs of the film (available Sept’ 14), plus the ability to stream and download it in segments. This special Switch Education Edition DVD includes the full film, chapters categorized by resource type, Energy Lab videos, Switch Energy 101 primers videos, and an Exercise & Discussion Guide created and tested by teachers across the country.

– Energy Lab, a 28-part educational video series to help bring energy to the classroom.
Dr. Scott Tinker demystifies the complex world of energy and gets to the core of concepts, through unexpected experiments and fieldwork. Each 2-3 minute video will tackle an energy topic or issue and are great for introducing a topic, reinforcing a concept, tackling misconceptions, and answering those tough questions in ways that are difficult to showcase in the classroom.

– Energy 101 and many other videos, available for streaming or downloading.
When we finished Switch, we had over 300 hours of film! It was difficult to compact that into a 98 minute documentary – we had so much great stuff! We created an online video library to make all the footage not in the film available to our viewers. It is a resource to continue learning with each energy topic from renowned experts in the field.

– Curricula developed by our NEED education partners
NEED has developed fun and interactive curricula. Their curricula can be paired with our videos and are a creative way to get the class involved.

– Articles: every day we post fascinating new energy stories to Facebook
We are constantly combing the latest energy news and sharing articles on our social media. Keep current and find real world energy stories to share with your class. It’s great when students can apply what they are leaning to their lives.

– Campus efficiency programs and tips.
Start an energy efficiency drive on your campus! Encourage students to pay attention to their energy use at school or at home! Perhaps their efforts will encourage their parents to bring energy efficiency to their office – good ideas are contagious!

– Materials: exercise and discussion guides to support screenings.
Bring Switch beyond your classroom and host a screening at your school. The discussion guide will help prompt questions and have students from different grades sharing ideas, concerns and solutions.

We hope you’ll find these resources valuable to engage your students and your community in today’s most important energy issues. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with great organizations. Email us if you’d like to request a bulk order for conferences, teacher training sessions, etc.