What do hot and humid weather, teachers, and energy have in common? The 2014 National Energy Conference for Educators in Savannah, Georgia, of course! In July, 100+ traditional and non-traditional educators came together along with NEED staff for in-depth training in all areas of energy education.

The first two days were spent immersed in the science of energy and energy sources. Those in attendance were the first to experience the recently overhauled Science of Energy in three different grade levels and had the opportunity to learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. The next two days were spent learning about energy management, transportation energy, and current technologies and issues in energy. The conference wrapped with time to discuss and digest everything presented as well as opportunities to begin planning lessons for classroom use.

One of the highlights of the conference was a trip to Elba Island LNG Terminal. We learned about the properties of liquefied natural gas as well as how it is transported in and out of the terminal. The trip included a bus tour describing the different parts of the terminal and plans for the future at Elba Island.

If you have never attended a NEED conference, let us encourage you to seriously consider it. Attendees had time to interact with each other, sharing ideas and developing a network of like-minded educators, and returned home armed with everything they needed to plan and implement a complete energy unit. If you’ve been inspired by our workshops, you should see what a national conference can do! The next conference will be in July, 2015, in Long Beach, California. Keep checking back for more details and registration information!

The 2015 National Energy Conference for Educators will be held in Long Beach, California July 19-23, 2015.