By Roy Bentley and Ken Crawford

Did you know?

That one pint of motor oil spilled into a waterway or storm drain can make a slick larger than a football field?

Did you know?
That Used motor oil is the largest single source of oil pollution in our waters? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that Americans spill 193 million gallons of used oil each year into our waters. This is 17 times the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska in 1989!

Did you know?
Used oil from a single oil change can pollute up to one million gallons of freshwater. The small drips, drops and leaks of oil from our cars and trucks accumulate on our roads, driveways and parking lots and when it rains it’s washed into our streams, rivers and lakes.

And add to that the damage to our roadways as well as the dangerous driving conditions caused by oil on the roadway…

This a serious problem! And we can do something about it! Stay tuned as we provide some of these ideas in upcoming blogs!

Roy Bentley is the Chairman/CEO of RB-MFG… the Designer of the PowerWheel, the Me Energy Application and the Oil Catcher. His goal is to help provide the tools and resources that will help educators and communities become more informed and more comfortable with teaching about energy, and finding solutions to the environmental challenges we face…

Ken Crawford began teaching in 1975. He has been a teacher, coach and administrator at the K-12 and post-secondary levels. He serves as the Director of Marketing and Learning Resources for RB Manufacturing