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What Is The Energizing Student Potential Program?

The Exelon Foundation, and Exelon Generation, in partnership with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project, in 2018 launched Energizing Student Potential, a STEM-focused energy program for grades 4 – 8 in their respective communities. This program brings together standards-based curriculum for use in the classroom or in afterschool programs in public and private schools. The program will help schools meet state standards for STEM, engage students in learning about energy within STEM, and help energize the energy workforce of tomorrow. Already in place in Exelon communities in Illinois (ComEd), Philadelphia (PECO), and Washington, D.C. (Pepco), the program has reached hundreds of thousands of students and hundreds of schools and teachers. We are pleased to bring this program to our Exelon Generation communities as well.

Energizing Student Potential is designed to help educators bring energy into the classroom and to provide all the tools and resources necessary for students and teachers to learn together, explore energy together, and teach their local communities about energy.

Teachers and students engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities in the classroom while learning fundamental principles of energy use and conservation. Students learn best when engaged in inquiry learning — and the activities and explorations included in the program allow them to think, explore, share, and develop a profound respect for energy and the world around them.

We know that teaching others helps us learn as well and the Kids Teaching Kids philosophy woven throughout The NEED Project curriculum helps keep students of all learning styles engaged and excited to learn. The lessons and projects in this program are designed to allow students to teach their peers as well as their local community.

We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity!

Adaptations and Offerings for School Year 2020-2021 (Coming Soon)



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NEED Curriculum Guides – Science of Energy, Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Oil and Natural Gas, Nuclear, Energy Management, & MORE!
Energy Information Administration, State Data
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