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PowerPoint Presentations

Introduction to Energy Management PowerPoint presentation 
Introduction to Building Science PowerPoint presentation


NEED Curriculum Guides in Spanish

Energy Conservation Contract


Coloring Sheets

Saving Heat

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Themed Activities & Guides

Chemistry and Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient Gingerbread House Activity
Energy Haunted House
Cost of a Thanksgiving Meal Activity
Still have your old flicker checker? Download NEED’s Flicker Checker Investigation


Energy Efficiency and Conservation Videos

Energy Saving Tips for the Home
What does an Energy Manager do?
How to use a Kill-A-Watt Device
How to use a Light Meter
Energy-from-Waste Facility Virtual Tour – Covanta


Newsletters (oldies but goodies)

Secondary Article: The Power Crisis in California March 2001
Intermediate Activity: Natural Refrigeration January 2002
Elementary/Intermediate: Electrolysis April/May 2004
Green Building December 2005
What’s New in Energy Management? December 2005
Energy Chat with Wayne Chase December 2005
Career Chat with Sally Saftey October 2005
Intermediate Activity: EnergyGuide Labels April 2007
Elementary Activity: Most Wanted Energy Wasters April 2007
Career Chat: Paul Torcellinni,Section Supervisor,National Renewal Energy Laboratory February 2008
Intermediate and Secondary Level Activity: Energy House April 2009
Let There Be Light December/January 2012
Here’s A Bright Idea December/January 2012
Primary and Elementary Activity: Holiday Light Comparison December/January 2012
Primary and Elementary Activity: Holiday Lighting Comparison December/January 2012
Green Jobs February/March 2013


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Energy Timeline
NEED Energy Video Lessons
Green Buildings Career Map from The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)