Water provides so much more than a cold drink. Get the energy flowing with our hydropower resources.

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Introduction to Hydropower


Interactive Resources

Interactive Hydropower Poster
Net Electricity Generation from Hydropower (Flash required)


Energy at a Glance

Hydropower (small) (large)


Career and Technology Education

Your Future in Hydropower – this unit, created for use in Career and Technology Education programs and classrooms, contains hands-on activities to explore careers and opportunities within the hydropower industry. Students will get a comprehensive view of the tools, skills, and concepts necessary to prepare for a job in hydropower.


NEED Curriculum Guides in Spanish

What is Hydropower


Coloring Sheets

Coloring Book!


Newsletters (Oldies, but Goodies!)

Career Chat with Dwayne Alley: Powerplant Superintendent, U.S Army Corps of Engineers March 2007
Primary/Elementary Activity: What’s in a Drop January 2008
Primary Activity: Make a Water Wheel November 2008
Elementary Activity: Height and Force of Water November 2008
Intermediate Activity: Choose Your Own Hydropower Adventure November 2008
Secondary Activity: Hot Topics in Hydropower November 2008
Q&A: Jane Weismann, Executive Director of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council November 2009
Q&A: Charles Newcomb, Section Manger of a Wind and Water Development Team, Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Deployment Program October/November 2011
Q&A: Edward M. Baer, Chief Financial Officer, Ocean Thermal Energy Corp. October/November 2012
Green Jobs February/March 2013

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