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Power Point Presentations

Introduction to Solar Energy (long version)
Introduction to Solar Energy (short version)


Solar Energy Animations
How Solar Panels Work (courtesy of SaveOnEnergy)
Capturing Solar Energy
Capturing Solar Energy by Focusing
Grid-tied Photovoltaic Panels
Overview of Solar Cells
Single-Junction Silicon Solar Cells
Small, Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems
Solar Energy Production: Fusion
The Greenhouse Effect in Structures
The Greenhouse Effect: Global Model
Types of Solar Cells
Using the Sun's Heat: Radiation and Absorption



Primary Energy Activity: Energy from the Sun November 2001
Intermediate Activity: Solar Cooking November 2001
Secondary Article: Gamma Ray Bursts January/February 2003
Intermediate Activity: Energy in the Round- Solar September 2005
Elementary/Intermediate: Photosynthesis Simulation January 2008
Elementary Level Activity: Solar Energy Race April 2009
Primary Level Activity: Leaf Me Alone April 2009
Q&A: Jane Weismann, Executive Director of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council November 2009
Q&A: Claudia Wentworth, President of Quickmount PV April 2010
Primary/Elementary Activity: Heating Water with Solar Energy April/May 2012
Let There Be Light December/January 2012
Green Jobs February/March 2013

Solar Curriculum in Spanish

Energia Solar
What is Solar Energy
Energy from the Sun Teacher Guide and Student Guide

Energy At A Glance

Solar (small)  (large)

Coloring Sheets

Halloween - Solar
Fossil Fuels and the Sun
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