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Teacher Share-a-Thon


Have you done a NEED activity and captured it on video? Are you creating video lessons for your students that cover NEED content?  Please share your video content with us! Send us a link to your video(s) and we’ll post them on our Teacher Share-a-Thon page!

Share all links in an email to info@need.org, with “Share-a-Thon Video Link” in the subject line.  Be sure to tell us a little about the video lesson in the email body, too.  Please don’t forget to make sure videos are able to be shared, and that you have permission to share video of anyone depicted!

If you want to share the great work your students are doing, consider submitting a Youth Awards project! Learn more about Youth Awards here.


Energy Experiments at Home

Michelle Gay is a Gifted Specialist in Foley, AL and shares some of her videos on science experiments that students can do at home! Check out her YouTube Channel here.

– Can you mess with mass? This video demonstrates an experiment on mass.

– NEED’s Science of Energy (Station 2, Part 3). This video demonstrates endothermic and exothermic processes.

– Glow Sticks – How do they glow? This video is an experiment on chemical energy using glow sticks.

– Balloon Rockets! This video teaches students a really fun way to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

– Roller Coasters, try this at-home experiment and discover the science behind how they work in this video.

– Kinetic, Potential, and Thermal Energy video.



NEED Teacher Cori Nelson’s Lessons

Build an Anemometer

An anemometer is a device used to measure wind speed and direction.

Video Tutorial
Directions (PDF)
Wind Student Background Information

The Science Behind Glow Sticks – Chemical Energy


Nonrenewable Energy Sources Videos

Teaching from NEED’s Primary Energy Infobook and created by NEED Teacher Advisory Board Member, Samantha Danielli.


Created by NEED Teacher Advisory Board Member, Rob Griegoliet


Science of Energy

Engineering Design Challenge: Create Shade
To use before Station 3 , Part 1 (Radiant Energy) in NEED’s Science of Energy
Created by Sharon Bird, 7th grade science teacher and STEM Club Coach in Matteson, IL