Curriculum Resources

Check out the NEED 2014-2015 catalog for book and kit pricing.

Access over 100 NEED curriculum guides by grade level, subject or topic to download along with supplemental educational materials.  

The Blueprint for Success helps educators develop effective energy education programs, providing an outline of a basic energy curriculum unit and matrix of all curriculum options.

NEED provides curriculum correlations to all state science content standards and national common core standards.

Download some of NEED's most popular curriculum guides in Spanish.  

NEED Graphics Library contains high resolution graphics from NEED curriculum guides that can be used in classroom presentations and hand-outs.

Professional Development

Local Workshops are added every day.  Registration is free.

National Energy Conference for Educators is hosted each July bringing together teachers from across the country for a fun week of energy education.

Interested in hosting a NEED workshop in your district?  See how you can bring NEED to your area.  

Evaluation Resources

Pre/Post Polls are available for free in NEED's Blueprint for Success as well as in the back of many individual units.  Teachers register students to track their knowledge gain during the energy unit.

Add energy questions to your next exam with NEED's Question Bank.

Student Resources

Check out the Student Section of the website for science fair projects, student leadership information, and scholarship information.

Signature Programs

Connect to your program resources - learn about new opportunities in your program and access the curriculum and presentations from your event.