What has NEED been up to this fall, you ask? Science teachers conventions!

Well, as Willie Nelson would say, we’ve been everywhere, man!

From California to Massachusetts, NEED’s been making appearances at science teachers conventions across the country! Over the past three months, we’ve covered almost a dozen conventions. Our friendly staff, facilitators, youth staff, and enthused NEED teachers have traveled near and far– to California, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia, Washington and Virginia.

Our booths have offered tantalizing goodies—and free curriculum—and in turn, we’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of new faces—teachers, coordinators, pre-service teachers, directors, and administration—and run into some we knew, too!

The approved sessions they facilitated covered every corner of energy education—from energy efficiency to transportation to oil, gas, and solar. Teachers have tested their bean scooping abilities with Peak Oil, stacked straws in Getting the Oil Out, sung their hearts out with Energy Rock Performances, and learned how to make a greenhouse in a beaker. They’ve been good sports, happy participants, and eager learners. And it’s made our job so fun!

Thanks to all of you involved! To those who worked the booth with enthusiasm, to those who taught a session (or three), and most importantly to those who made a point to join us—whether it was swinging by the booth to say hi and enter the raffle or try out curriculum in a fast-paced session. You make all the packing, all the flights, and all the learning so fun!