Written by guest blogger and NEED pal, Erin Twamley

Illustration by: Heather Jane Brinesh

Let the games begin! Welcome to the Renewable Energy Olympics. Imagine if every four years renewable energy technologies come together to compete in variety of energy competitions. The “Renewable Energy Olympics” could bring nations from around the world together to compete for a healthy planet.

Can you name the 5 rings of the renewable energy Olympics? The five interlocking Olympic rings are: yellow for the sun, black for wind, blue for water, green for biomass and red for geothermal. The rings are interconnected because we are striving for a single shared goal; a cleaner future.

The new book, Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future explores our global use of renewable power that dates back centuries just like the Olympics. From wind propelling boats along the Nile River in Egypt 5,000 years ago to concentrating the sun to light fires. Since the 7th Century B.C.E we have been using renewable energy sources without evening knowing we were green. Arkansas’ tourist favorite, Hot Springs, are generated by geothermal energy! Hot springs have been used to wash clothes, bathe and cook for more than 10,000 years in North America.

With all that history there is still the need for expanding our renewable future! Read the book to learn just how powerful the sun is – we receive more energy from the sun every day, than the whole world could use in a year! Discover how energy from the ocean waves can create power for cities and towns, and how farmers, scientists and engineers are developing biofuels from algae creating new types of liquid fuel for our transportation needs. From the Earth’s inner core to the winds that blow around the globe, the time is now to use more renewable fuels and rely less on burning fossil fuels, that cause pollution and lead to climate change.

Aimed at readers ages 9 to 14 the book uses hands on science labs to explore the fundamental concepts underlying each renewable energy technology. The book also helps students discover how innovation is occurring globally and introduces them to jobs in the renewable energy sector.

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Erin Twamley is an energy educator, author and English Kindergarten teacher in Seoul, South Korea. Joshua Sneideman is Vice President of @LearningBlade, former Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at Department of Energy and a 10 year middle school math and science educator. Their books Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth and Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future aim to positively engage youth in learning about renewable energy and addressing climate change through hands-on STEM activities.