Breeze on through some wind activities, the energy source that keeps the turbines turning.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Introduction to Wind Energy
Check out this great wind graphic from Save On Energy!


Primary Activity: Spin the Saltine November/December 2003
Living on a Remote Island Eating Octopus: All in a Day’s Work for Dusty Murdock October 2006
Crane Operators Keep Materials Moving October 2006
Career Chat: Chris Copeland, Operations Manager of Wintec Energy October 2006
Energy Play: Harry Spotter and the Chamber of Windy Myths February 2007
Wind Electricy Logic Puzzle September 2007
Wind Logic Puzzle September 2007
Harry Spotter Windy Myths Logic Puzzle September 2007
Q&A: Jane Weismann, Executive Director of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council November 2009
Q&A:Charles Newcomb, Section Manger of a Wind and Water Development Team, Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Deployment Program October/November 2011
Q&A: Dick Wiliams,President, Shell Wind October/November 2011
Q&A: Remy Pangel, Director of Wind Energy, Virginia Center For Wind Energy October/November 2011
Q&A: Denise Bode, Chief Executive Officer of the American Wind Energy Association October/November 2011
Green Jobs February/March 2013


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What is Wind


Energy At A Glance

Wind (small) (large)


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Plants and the Wind
Animals and the Wind

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