Energy is crucial to everything we do and experience. From weather patterns and food chains, to human society’s daily electricity and heating needs, to the toys kids use, energy is everywhere. Understanding energy can help us make better informed decisions about our homes, communities, and our world. Incorporating energy into your classroom or program is crucial whether you are a science, math or even a social studies teacher.

To help bring energy to you and your students, check out the new Energy Literacy Video series and the Energy Literacy Quick Start Guide. These videos are aligned with the Department of Energy’s (DOE), Energy Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education framework. The videos help to engage students on the 7 Principles of energy. The new Energy Literacy Video series and guides are a collaborative project with DOE, American Geosciences Institute, and the National Center for Science Education.

Check out these 3 sample lessons and accompanying videos to get started:

Elementary: Fun with the Sun — Teacher’s Activity Guide for Elementary Grades K-2
Video: Energy Literacy Principle #2

Middle School: Energy for Keeps — Electricity and Renewable Energy Teacher Information
Video: Energy Literacy Principle #4

High School: Watt Does It Cost To Use It?
Video: Energy Literacy Principle #5

Check out the framework, videos and lessons on the website at:

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